Massage Therapy

Myotherapy/remedial massage

Myotherapy/remedial massage: can be extremely beneficial for improving physical performance and mobility, our therapist use a variety of techniques to achieve a desired outcome, based on our experience and proven results, may be, but are not limited to: trigger point therapy, fascial release, joint mobilisation, dry needling, muscle energy techniques, deep tissue massage, cupping, corrective exercises and movement retraining. Read More

Traditional Chinese Massage

involves techniques such as gliding, kneading, pulling and shaking. It mainly focuses on the treatment of chronic pain associated with the muscles, joints and skeletal system and is especially effective for muscular pain. It also affects the flow of energy by holding and pressing the body at acupressure points. Read More

Essential oil Massage

full body treatment eases stress from the body by calming the nervous system, reducing muscular tension and by stimulating the release of endorphins, a natural chemical in the body that induces deep relaxation. With stress under control, the body’s immune system functions better.

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