Gua Sha / Skin Scraping Therapy

She is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy using a jade board scrape on the body to promote blood circulation and remove toxic heat, blood and lymph. From TCM point of view, our body needs a constant and vigorous movement of energy (“Qi”) to keep us healthy and alive. But if there is a presence of toxins, “Sha” will be formed and caused congestion in the circulation. In Chines…e, “Gua” means scrape or rub over the skin, and “Gua Sha” means toxins are being brought to the surface by the rubbing (thus it restores and rebalances “Qi” circulation in the body).

If Gua Sha is performed on the body, as an aftermath, blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissue will be raised and brought out by Gua Sha shown as petechiae, which shall fade away in 2-5 days. Note that the petechiae is actually the “Sha” that causes the health issues.

The following effects will be seen immedicately after Gua Sha therapy: reduced qq/eye bags/puffiness; reduced fine lines/wrinkles; improved uneven tone; smoother and radiant skin; smaller pores; lightened freakles/dark spots; lifted and firmer skin; reduced double chin/refined face shape.

Essentially, Gua Sha therapy addresses underlying causes, like digestive problems, emotional stress, hormonal imbalance, which become reflected in the face through puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, dryness or dullness of the skin, sagging skin, drooping eyelids, blemishes, acne, fine and deep wrinkles, pigmentations. Gua Sha is performed by applying gentle scraping with some unique shaped jade boards and natural oil and cream on specific points, so that it is guarantoeed that it is not painful and there is no petechiae or any red spots left on the face.

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