What is the difference between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine?
Chinese Medicine
  1. Focuses on the total health of the person being treated
  2. Treatment is based on your life force
  3. Aspires to achieve the Yin and Yang balance
  4. Treatment is holistic – the patient feels like themselves again
Western Medicine
  1. Individual body parts are treated
  2. Anatomy is the focus
  3. Extensive Laboratory testing
  4. Radical treatment – Doctor heals patient
Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Treat Cancer?


Cancer remains one of the least understood and most researched diseases of Western medicine.

In classic Chinese medicine, there is no specific concept of cancer, though there is of tumors. Many nutritive tonics and herbal medicines were developed to alleviate pain and prolong survival by strengthening the body’s life forces and arresting tumor progression.

Chinese doctors believe the causes of cancer are multiple, including toxins and other environmental factors, called “external causes,” as well as “internal causes” such as emotional stress, bad eating habits, accumulated wastes from food and damaged organs. Two main factors are stagnant blood and a blockage or accumulation of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), the vital energy said to circulate along the meridians, or pathways, linking all parts of the body.

Illness is an energy imbalance, an excess or deficiency of the body’s elemental energies. According to the ancient Chinese, Qi, the life force, controls the body’s workings as it travels along the meridians, completing an energy cycle every twenty-four hours. A person is healthy when there is a balanced, sufficient flow of Qi, which keeps the blood and body fluids circulating and fights disease. But if the circulation of Qi is blocked for any reason or becomes excessive or deficient, pain and disease can result. The flow of Qi may be disrupted by an imbalanced diet or lifestyle, overwork, stress, repressed or excessive emotions, or lack of exercise. Imbalances in Yin and Yang – complementary forces in dynamic flux – also disturb the normal, smooth flow of Qi.

Cancer, like all other diseases, is regarded as a manifestation of an underlying imbalance. The tumor is the “uppermost branch,” not the “root,” of the illness. Each patient may have a different imbalance causing what outwardly looks like the same type of cancer. Each person is unique, so the Chinese medicine doctor attempts to identify the exact individual pattern of excess, deficiency, or blockage that led to the disease. The doctor treats the imbalance rather than a condition known as “stomach cancer,” or “breast cancer,” or so on. The prescribed treatment will vary from one patient to the next, depending on the specific imbalances.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that as long as your own healing ability is not completely destroyed, your body can be restored to balance and harmony and can therefore control or stop the progression of the conditions leading to cancer.

* TCM is unique in that it places great importance on keeping the body in balance at all times in order to maintain health and prevent illness occurr.
* Today, TCM is used side by side with Western cancer treatments to give patients the best chance of healing and regaining their health.
* TCM is a holistic medicine and treats patients individually relying on their body type and genetics, their age, symptoms and medical history, physical condition and lifestyle.
* TCM is used to reduce the risk of non-cancerous tumors becoming malignant
* TCM is used to prevent cancer reoccurring
* TCM can build up healing energy to enable patients to successfully complete cancer treatment
* TCM is used to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
What can you expect on your first appointment?
You will readily experience the calm and warming environment of the Murrumbeena Clinic. You will be met and brought through to discuss what health issues you may be having so a unique diagnosis can be made. Initial consultation takes around 60mins, this allows for highly personalised patient centred care.
How does Acupuncture improve IVF Success?
Acupuncture enhances IVF effectiveness by virtue of its abilities to: * Increase blood flow to the uterus, aiding endometrial thickness and implantation.
* Promote blood flow to the ovaries, assisting follicular growth and oxygenation (improves egg numbers and quality).
* Minimise uterine spasms.
* Increase the body’s endorphin levels: promoting relaxation and eliminating the interference of stress hormones.
* Enhance the effectiveness of IVF medications and minimise any side effects
* Improve sperm health including volume, count, motility and morphology
* Regulate the immune system and thin the blood
What can I expect during a treatment?

Overall the treatments are soothing and gentle, inducing a state of relaxation and healing.

Tina employs acupuncture, massage, cupping therapy, moxabustion, and granulated herbal medicines as different methods to achieving positive results with your conditio


Facial rejuvenation with traditional Chinese medicine enjoys a long history, dating back to some 3000 years ago. Chinese have benefited from the ancient, time-tested beauty techniques since, and now so do the people in the West.

You may ask yourself why people choose TCM over modern Western techniques for facial rejuvenation. There is certainly no shortage of the Western techniques. For instance, besides commercial cosmetic products, there are non-surgical procedures, such as chemical peels, collagen injection, fillers, Botox injection, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion, and surgical treatments, such as micro suction, blepharoplasty and the ever-popular facelifts. But, the thing that all the modern techniques have in common is that they all focus only on the symptoms – the accrual facial problems, and as a result the problems will reoccur sometime down the track.

Traditional Chinese medicine takes an entirely different approach to facial rejuvenation. According to the TCM philosophy, one’s health and beauty are intertwined. Inner health is the source of beauty, and the face reflects the state of the inner health. The facial problems, such as wrinkles, eye bags, dark eye circles and discoloration, are not only blemishes but also indications of imbalance of yin and yang in your body. Therefore, it is only natural that when treating the facial problems, Chinese medicine doctors focus on balancing your body by treating the underlying conditions that lead to the symptoms, rejuvenising your face from inside out – naturally.

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage covered by private health insurance?

Yes, most health funds have adopted Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and massage in their coverage as more consumers have turned to alternative medicine to improve their health.

What Does TCM cosmetic Rejuvenation Involve?

TCM facial rejuvenation normally involves a combination of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and food therapy. The TCM treatments are directed towards restoring the balance of yin and yang and smooth circulation of Qi and blood in your body. Free flow of Qi and blood ensures that every cell, tissue, and organ are properly nourished, leading to a good health and consequently a rejuvenised face.

Chinese herbal medicine: Chinese herbal medicine includes not only plants but also minerals and some animal parts. They are a rich and potent source of healing energy. Chinese herbal medicine is not applied to treat the symptoms directly. Instead, it is used to balance and regulate yin and yang and enhance the body’s natural healing power, eliminating the conditions that lead to the complexion problems.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture treatment for facial rejuvenation is based on the theory of the channel or meridian system. There are 12 major and 365 sub channels, through which Qi flows. All the channels converge at the neck and then up to the head and face. Blockage to the flow of Qi, i.e. Qi stagnant, in the certain channels will cause facial problems. Acupuncture at the specific points can unblock the channels and reactivate the flow of the life energy, leading to a healthy complexion.

Food Therapy: Food therapy is used hand-in-hand with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. In addition to their nutritional value, some foods have therapeutic effects, enhancing the yin and yang balance and smooth flow of Qi in the body. But, their effects are gradual. Like Chinese herbs, food therapy is used according to the conditions of individual body.

The benefits from the above modalities may include:

– Improved muscle tone and firmness of the face and neck,
– Improved natural collagen production,
– Reduced puffiness and bags under the eyes,
– Reduced fine lines and wrinkles,
– Reduced sagging jowls and double chin,
– Lifted drooping eyelids,
– Improved facial colour,
– Improved jaw definition,
– Increased skin elasticity and moisture.
What can acupuncture do for IVF patients?

Acupuncture offers a safe, reliable option for couples wanting to maximise their IVF chances. Clinical studies have proven that Acupuncture in conjunction with IVF increases the likelihood of a clinical pregnancy.

Acupuncture performed before and after embryo transfer has been proven to:
* Increase implantation / pregnancy rates
* Lower the incidence of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies
* Increase live birth rates.

How does Acupuncture enhances fertility ?

Acupuncture enhances fertility by:

* Correcting hormonal imbalances and regulating the menstrual cycle
* Improving the quantity and quality of cervical mucus
* Stimulating ovulation
* Effectively treating an array of gynaecological related disorders including: * PCOS
* Endometriosis
* Fibroids
* Hormonal imbalances including premature menopause
* Poor egg quality
* Immunological or inflammatory conditions (antibodies, natural killer cells)
* Thyroid disease
* Promoting a sufficient menstrual bleed to ensure endometrial thickness and quality
* Enhancing follicular/egg development
* Optimising the patency of the fallopian tubes<
* Improving sperm health including volume, count, morphology and motility
What can acupuncture help during pregnancy ?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective drug free alternative to treat most pregnancy related disorders. Even in asymptomatic pregnancies acupuncture has been widely used to benefit both the mother and the developing foetus. Many women choose to have acupuncture during their pregnancy to remain as healthy as possible in order to reduce the likelihood of complications and ensure an effective labour and post-partum recovery.

Acupuncture can be used effectively during pregnancy and post-partum to:

* Optimise foetal growth and development, by ensuring adequate flow of blood
* Reduce the toxic load on the mothers body ,lessening the likelihood of toxins being transferred to the foetus in-utero
* Relax the mother
* Regulate body processes to restore balance and maintain optimal health of both mother and baby
* Reduce complications during gestation and the likelihood of interventions
* Facilitate labour initiation and progress
* Promote lactation and post-partum recovery
Pregnancy related conditions effectively treated by acupuncture include:
* Morning sickness, breech presentation and recurrent miscarriage
* Poor Immunity, Common Cold, Influenza
* Constipation / Diarrhoea
* Urinary tract infections
* Musculoskeletal conditions (sciatica, pelvic instability)
* Fatigue and exhaustion
* Anaemia
* Insomnia
* Anxiety, Depression, 0bsessive Compulsive Disorder
* Thrush and abnormal vaginal discharge
* Sinusitis
* Pregnancy-induced hypertension
* Oedema
* Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Skin Disorders
* Headaches, Migraines
* Induction
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* Birth Preparation / Postpartum recovery

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